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 DaterowDateDayWhenRegionDistOrganizerEvent NamePass
➕ Feb 081SatEveMBSA5,248.52Hing Bay RacingAwards Dinner Soc resultsInfoRSVP Closed
➕ May 14...2WedEveMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay RacingHingham Bay Spring SeriesYHCP BresultsInfoResults
➕ May 14...3WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCSpring Evening SeriesYHCP resultsInfoResults
➕ May 14...4WedEveMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCWednesday Evening Spring SeriesYHCP resultsInfoResults
➕ May 21...5WedEveGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCWEDNESDAY SUMMER SERIES HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ May 246SatDayMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCMemorial Day RegattaYHCP MresultsInfoResults
➕ May 28...7WedEveMBSA-S5,255.811Cottage Park YCCPYC Spring SeriesTwilight RacesYHCP wresultsInfoResults
➕ May 29...8ThuEveMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCTwilight 1st Series OD TwiresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 19SunDayMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Lambert Ocean RaceYHCP M, OresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 5,...10ThuEveGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCThursday Night Races HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 711SatDayMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCConstitution YC Spring Regatta HCP QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 812SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCSummerset RegattaYHCP M, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 8,...13SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCTown Class 1st Sunday Series OD SUNresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 10...14TueEveGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCRYC Tuesday Night Series HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1115WedEveMBSA5,255.912Boston Harbor Handicap RacingRumble IYHCP RresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1416SatDayGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCCYC Regatta  HCP Ovr, WEresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1417SatDayMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay RacingHBPHRF Solstice RegattaYHCP H, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1518SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCHospice Regatta HCP M, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2119SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCPilot Regatta HCP Ovr, WEresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2120SatDayGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCSolstice Race HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2121SatDayMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor Handicap RacingConstitution Cup HCP QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2222SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCWindjammer Days BHOD Race OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2223SunDayMBSA-N5,248.629Manchester YCMYC Patton Bowl HCP M, OresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 25...24WedEveMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCWednesday Evening Summer SeriesYHCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 25...25WedEveMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay RacingHingham Bay Summer SeriesYHCP BresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 25...26WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCSummer Evening Series HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2727FriDayMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCConstitution YC Moon Chase PUR PresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2828SatDayMBSA-N5,253.28Jubilee YCPhil Small RegattaYHCP M, OresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2829SatDayGMORA-W5,236.373Harraseeket YCHYC Regatta PUR Ovr, WEresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2830SatDayMBSA-S5,250.318Rhodes 19 Fleet 46First Chance RegattaYOD ChpresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 29...31SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCCommodore's Cup Series HCP S, OresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 2,...32WedEveMBSA-S5,255.811Cottage Park YCCPYC Summer Series Twilight Races YHCP wresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 433FriDayMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Annual RegattaYHCP M, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 534SatDayGMORA5,239.671Portland YCSchooner Trophy Race HCP pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Jul 935WedEveMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay RacingRumble IIYHCP RresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 9,...36WedEveGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCWednesday Night Series HCP pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Jul 1237SatDayMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay RacingHBPHRF Scorpion BowlYHCP H, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 1238SatDayMBSA-N5,248.268Manchester YC - HBCS.S. Crocker Memorial Race PUR PresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 1239SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCMonhegan Races HCP Ovr, WE, PBresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 1340SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCMidsummer Ocean RaceYHCP M, OresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 1341SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCBHYC Jr. Program Foundation Cup Regatta HCP Ovr, S, BB, OresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 13...42SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCTown Classs 2nd Sunday Series OD SUNresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 18...43Fri,...DayMBSA-N5,255.811Cottage Park YC Boston Harbor Star District I Championships OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 1844FriDayMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCBeringer Bowl  HCP M, O, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 19,2045Sat,SunDayGMORA5,650.0132Penobscot Pursuit RacePenobscot Pursuit Regatta PUR Ovr, PBresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 2046SunDayMBSA-N5,251.244Marblehead YCChase Race PUR resultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 21...47Mon,...DayMBSA-N5,250.681Pleon YCMarblehead Junior Race Week Jr resultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 25...48FriDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCClassic Yacht Race PUR resultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 2649SatDayMBSA-S5,241.432Scituate SailingScituate Invitational- All Invited HCP QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 2650SatDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCRound the Salvages Pursuit Rac PUR resultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 2651SatDayMBSA-N5,265.559Medford Boat ClubThe Traverse Regatta to Support ALS Research Jr pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Jul 26,2752Sat,SunDayGMORA-P5,192.679Camden YCCamden Invitational Regatta HCP Ovr, PBresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 31...53ThuEveMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCTwilight 2nd Series OD TwiresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 2,354Sat,SunDayMBSA5,255.811Cottage Park YCCPYC RegattaTo Benefit Make-A-Wish OD OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 2,355Sat,SunDayMBSA-S5,255.811Cottage Park YCCPYC Youth Regatta to Benefit Make A Wish  Jr resultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 256SatDayMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor Handicap Racing20th Pursuit Race to Benefit Make-A-Wish PUR PresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 2,357Sat,SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YC40th Annual BHYC Regatta HCP Ovr, BB, OresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 2,358Sat,SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCTown Class 2014 National Championship OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 259SatDayMBSA-N5,253.230Palmers Cove YCPCYC Bowditch Race HCP M, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 5,660Tue,WedDayMBSA5,255.811Cottage Park YCN-10 Midgets Jr resultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 6,...61WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCFall Evening Series HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 6,...62WedEveMBSA-S5,255.811Cottage Park YCCPYC Fall Series Twilight RacesYHCP wresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 663WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCRumble III HCP RresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 9,1064Sat,SunDayMBSA5,255.811Cottage Park YCUS Women's Snipe National Championships OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 965SatDayMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCBarefoot Regatta PUR PresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 1066SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YC`Round Southport Race PUR resultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 11,1267Mon,TueDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCMaine State Opti Championship Jr resultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 13...68WedEveMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCWednesday Evening Fall SeriesYHCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 13...69WedEveMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay RacingHingham Bay Fall SeriesYHCP BresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 15...70Fri,...DayMBSA5,255.811Cottage Park YCNorth American Snipe Championships OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 15...71Fri,...DayGMORA-P5,192.780Lyman Morse & CYCPenobscot Bay Rendezvous HCP Ovr, PBresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 1672SatDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCEPYC Ocean Pursuit Race PUR PresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 1673SatDayMBSA-S5,249.526Hingham YCHingham YC Hitchcock TrophyYHCP H, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 1774SunDayMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor Handicap RacingCPYC JFK Regatta HCP QresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 22...75Fri,...DayMBSA-N5,259.64Mass Bay SailingONE Championships HCP Ovr, H, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Aug 3076SatDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCCANCELLED -Etchells New England Championship OD pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Aug 3077SatDayMBSA5,243.214Eastern Point YCSchooner Festival PHRF Race HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 178MonDayMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCSailing Heals Pursuit Race PUR PresultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 3,...79WedEveGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCWednesday Fall Series HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 6,780Sat,SunDayGMORA-W0.0140J24 Downeast RegattaJ24 Downeast Regatta Northeast Regionals OD resultsInfoReg Not Open
➕ Sep 681SatDayMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCCANCELLED:Constitution YC Fall Regatta HCP pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Sep 682SatDayMBSA-N5,253.28Jubilee YCJubilee Annual RegattaYHCP M, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 9,...83Tue,...DayMBSA5,250.318Rhodes 19 Fleet 46Rhodes 19 National Championship OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 1384SatDayGMORA5,192.974Rockland YCMaine Rocks Race HCP OvrresultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 13,1485Sat,SunDayGMORA-W5,240.185Etchells Fleet 27Etchells Lobster Bowl Regatta OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 1386SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCPYC Fall Race Sept 13YHCP Ovr, WE, FresultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 1387SatDayMBSA-S5,250.21Hull YCHYC Great Chase Race PUR PresultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 1488SunDayMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCJames R Hodder RegattaYHCP M, OresultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 2089SatDayMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay RacingHBPHRF Chowder CupYHCP H, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 20,2190Sat,SunDayMBSA-S5,265.559Medford Boat ClubThe Mystic Lake Open Snipe Regatta OD pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Sep 2091SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCPYC Fall Lightship Race Sept 20YHCP Ovr, WE, FpastInfoReg Closed
➕ Sep 2192SunDayMBSA-N5,248.629Manchester YCMYC Fall Series HCP M, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 2793SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCPYC Fall Race Sept 27YHCP Ovr, WE, FresultsInfoResults
➕ Sep 2794SatDayMBSA-S5,259.216Boston Harbor NowBoston Harbor Islands Regatta PUR PresultsInfoResults
➕ Oct 495SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCPYC Fall Race Oct 4YHCP Ovr, WE, FresultsInfoResults
➕ Oct 596SunDayMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCMarblehead Chowder Cup HCP M, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Nov 0797FriEveALL5,240.070GMORAAwards Evening Soc resultsInfoRSVP Closed
➕ Nov 2198FriEveMBSA5,259.64Mass Bay SailingMBSA Awards Dinner Soc resultsInfoRSVP Closed
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