2021 HYC Great Chase Race
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Saturday, September 17, 2022

*Qualifier in the Mass Bay Pursuit Race Series*

Come celebrate the sport of sailing by participating in the 30th annual Great Chase Race. Last year we ran a special Quarantine Edition and 75 boats entered the race and loved the new format! This year, given the uncertainty of the Delta variant, we are doing the race, but forgoing the party at the Club (You can thank us later for your continued good health). It’s all about the sailing!


How it works:

Each boat is given a start time window based on that boat’s rating. The slower boats start first, the faster boats start later. The slower boats have the thrill of hanging on to the lead for as long as possible. Faster boats have the challenge of passing the whole fleet to win. The first boats start at 1:00 PM.  
Boat start times are based on their speed potential as calculated from their handicap.

Entry Fee:                 $35.00 must be paid online in full by September 17, 2022


Fee Covers:


Registration:      Opens July 1, 2022   Go to select Great Chase Race link.  

Sailing Instructions: Posted here

Start: 1 PM First vessel(s) begin, near Sheep Island, Hingham Bay. Note: Each vessel is assigned a starting time. RC will be using VHF channel 68 for race, and monitoring VHF channel 71.

Eligibility: An ORR-Ez Rating Certificate is encouraged but not required for entry.  If you do not have an ORR-Ez Rating, one will be assigned prior to the race.

Questions: Email:                                

Sat : Sep 11

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