Race Entries
2023 Camden Classics Cup
FleetYacht NameClubSailBoat TypeRatingRaceCruSailDivisionHist
Class: Classic 1 Course Desc: PIRGFinish   # of Entries: 8    
Classic 1MERMAIDCastine YC446S&S Custom148RCRF Classic History
Classic 1ArrluukNew York YC58Herreshoff Ketch97CCRF Classic History
Classic 1NORACamden YC882Yawl199CCRF Classic History
Classic 1DULCINEA-1441Ohlson 36196RCRF Classic History
Classic 1ThunderheadClassic Yacht Owners Association75Rhodes Cutter103RCRF Classic History
Classic 1STEP LIVELYNone/Other2Gulfstream 30239CCRF Classic History
Classic 1EVANGELINERockland YCcutter138CCRF Classic History
Classic 1DAMEOysterville YCUS804Concordia 39 TM Yawl177RCRF Classic History
Class: Classic 2 - Concordia Course Desc: PIRGFinish   # of Entries: 5    
Classic 2 - ConcordiaSNOW FALCONBucks Harbor YC84Concordia 39 Yawl196CCRF Classic History
Classic 2 - ConcordiaPHALAROPECastine YC13Concordia 39 Yawl181RCRF Classic History
Classic 2 - ConcordiaOTTERCamden YC832Concordia 41171CCRF Classic History
Classic 2 - ConcordiaKATRINALAHAINA YACHT CLUB1050Concordia 41199CCRF Classic History
Classic 2 - ConcordiaSPICE-18Concordia 41168RCRF Classic History
Class: CRF Schooner & Gaff Course Desc: PRGFinish   # of Entries: 6    
CRF Schooner & GaffSPIRIT8Alden Schooner196RCRF Schooner & Gaff History
CRF Schooner & GaffLIONS WHELPCruising Club of AmericaAlden Schooner85RCRF Schooner & Gaff History
CRF Schooner & GaffHeron-Alden Schooner164CCRF Schooner & Gaff History
CRF Schooner & GaffSTEPHEN TABER-Schooner-CCRF Schooner & Gaff History
CRF Schooner & GaffGRACE BAILEY-4Schooner-CCRF Schooner & Gaff History
CRF Schooner & GaffPilot Cutter Hesper-Luke Powell Pilot Cutter-RCRF Schooner & Gaff History
Class: CRF Vintage 1 Course Desc: PIRGFinish   # of Entries: 9    
CRF Vintage 1BIJOU II-10330 Square Meter145RCRF Vintage History
CRF Vintage 1BLACK WATCHNYYCUSA71S&S Custom Yawl42RCRF Vintage History
CRF Vintage 1GLEAMBoothbay Harbor YCUS-1112 Meter30RCRF Vintage History
CRF Vintage 1SIREN-4524New York 32113RCRF Vintage History
CRF Vintage 1SONNYNew York YCUS 50S&S Sloop80RCRF Vintage History
CRF Vintage 1POLLY-107custom88RCRF Vintage History
CRF Vintage 1MARILEEBoothbay Harbor YC13NY 4068RCRF Vintage History
CRF Vintage 1WIZARD-10Fishers Island 31118RCRF Vintage History
CRF Vintage 1ISLANew York YC10New York 32119RCRF Vintage History
Class: Day Racer 1    # of Entries: 9    
Day Racer 1FROLICNorth Haven Casino2Dark Harbor 17.5302CDay Racer History
Day Racer 1PONYONew York YC18Camden Class Sloop277CDay Racer History
Day Racer 1ELLENNone/Other25Dark Harbor 17.5303CDay Racer History
Day Racer 1CrusaderOakville Yacht Squadron1Crusader251RDay Racer History
Day Racer 1ROZINANTE-LFH Ketch294CDay Racer History
Day Racer 1BESHERTEOysterville YC7Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 18268CDay Racer History
Day Racer 1FABULOUS!Camden YC294International 210192RDay Racer History
Day Racer 12nd Chance-58Stuart Knockabout-RDay Racer History
Day Racer 1SorcererRockland YC432International 210-RDay Racer History
Class: Day Racer 2    # of Entries: 5    
Day Racer 2ZIG ZAGDavis Cove Boat Club315Herreshoff 12 1/2498CDay Racer History
Day Racer 2IndigoNorthport Yacht Club187Quickstep 24350CDay Racer History
Day Racer 2RASPUTINOwls Head YCOstkust312CDay Racer History
Day Racer 2Piccolo-Sea Sprite 23341CDay Racer History
Day Racer 2Ida Rose-Seabird Yawl318CDay Racer History
Class: Modern Tradition Course Desc: PRGEGFinish   # of Entries: 13    
Modern TraditionVERISSIMONew York YCUSA 40047Alden 6336RCRF Spirit of Tradition History
Modern TraditionZEMPHIRA-Brooklin 76-17RCRF Spirit of Tradition History
Modern TraditionANNANew York YC3cold molded sloop58CCRF Spirit of Tradition History
Modern TraditionTHE HAWKCamden YC2020One Ton116RCRF Modern Classic History
Modern TraditionMYSTERYFishers Island YC6Center Harbor 31126RCRF Spirit of Tradition History
Modern TraditionHOPGRASSERCCA, Camden Yacht Club61482LM4634RCRF Contemporary History
Modern TraditionVORTEXCruising Club of America50710Custom61RCRF Modern Classic History
Modern TraditionRESTIVEBYCUSA51703ALDEN 48 CUSTOM70RCRF Spirit of Tradition History
Modern TraditionZingaraClassic Yacht Owners AssociationSoT Sloop85RCRF Spirit of Tradition History
Modern TraditionWINDWALKERGibson Island Yacht SquadronUSA51104Lyman-Morse Hood 6024RCRF Spirit of Tradition History
Modern TraditionBEAMNone/OtherEagle 4488RCRF Spirit of Tradition History
Modern TraditionKATRINKA-4273Sloop104RCRF Modern Classic History
Modern TraditionVan Ki PassRoyal Ocean Racing Club2020Sloop14RCRF Contemporary History
Class: PHRF - Spinnaker Course Desc: PRGEGFinish   # of Entries: 17    
PHRF - SpinnakerUbuntuCenterboard YC51320J/10590RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerTamarackPortland YC40747Baltic Farr 4475RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerMISCHIEFBristol YC1976Seguin 4084RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerAKAIHandy Boat6J/4642RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerCHAR-BAR-376J/10590RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerTemptress-43950Taylor 4245RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerANNCamden YC61572X-Yacht39RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerPig's EarRockland YC1282Etchells120RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerBOOGIE TYPFront Street Shipyard306Etchells120RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerDAENERYSPortland YC76J/4278RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerSENSHINCamden YC2Center Harbor 31129RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerAmerican Promise-211Little Harbor 6045RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerHopeCamden YCNONEMorris 52 Ds Carbon72RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerELUSIVEBoothbay Harbor YC52853Swan 44 MKII72RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerBELLA-USA52015HINCKLEY SW 52 CB69RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerDreadnaughtNE Habor FleetBrooklin 4851RPHRF - Spinnaker History
PHRF - SpinnakerFLYER IINorthport Yacht ClubUSA 008Ultimate 24108RPHRF - Spinnaker History
Class: PHRF Cruising 1 Course Desc: MRIFinish   # of Entries: 14    
PHRF Cruising 1MOONDANCECamden YC40485Sabre 36138CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1TANGOCamden YC51542J/42 SD96CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1PETRONELLARockland YCFinngulf 4175CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1SMITTENChebeague Island YC52428J/40 WK111CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1Bluestar-Hinckley 49-CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1REVELBucks Harbor YC1107Hinckley 41183CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1TRUE NORTHCamden YC206J/10978CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1RABBITCamden YC41898J/28189CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1STELLALUNANone/Other48-240Swan 48-2 SM21CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1CashewNone/OtherUS 41060Little Harbor 5390CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1TOPAZ-447Norseman 447135CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1Extra DryNorthport Yacht Club419J/30162CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1ISLABHYC/SYCC9Cal 36168CPHRF Cruising History
PHRF Cruising 1NORTHERN LIGHTSCastine YCUS 10888Little Harbor 6078CPHRF Cruising History

Total Entries - 92 Race Entries - 93

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