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 DaterowDateDayWhenRegionDistOrganizerEvent NamePass
➕ Jan 11SunDayMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCJack Roberts Memorial NYD Race PUR resultsInfoResults
➕ Feb 042SatEveMBSA5,248.52Hing Bay PHRFHBPHRF Awards Dinner Soc pastInfoRSVP Closed
➕ Apr 83SatDayMBSA-S5,255.811Cottage Park YCInterclub Dinghy National Championship OD resultsInfoResults
➕ May 10...4WedEveMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCWednesday Evening Spring SeriesYHCP resultsInfoResults
➕ May 17...5WedEveMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay PHRFSpring Series - HBPHRF YHCP BresultsInfoResults
➕ May 216SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCPacific Cup Deepwater Series Race 1YHCP pacresultsInfoResults
➕ May 24...7WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCSpring Evening SeriesYHCP CNRregopenInfoRegister
➕ May 24...8WedEveGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCWEDNESDAY SUMMER SERIES HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ May 24...9WedEveMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor PHRFCPYC Boston PHRF Wed Evening Races - Spring SeriesYHCP resultsInfoResults
➕ May 25...10ThuEveGMORA5,239.671Portland YCThursday Night Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ May 2711SatDayMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCMemorial Day RegattaYHCP CSS, MSS, SGSresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 412SunDayMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Lambert Ocean RaceYHCP CSS, MSS, NSOresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1013SatDayGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCCYC Regatta  HCP Ovr, WEresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1014SatDayMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCConstitution YC Spring Regatta HCP QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1115SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCSummerset RegattaYHCP CSS, MSS, SGS, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 13...16TueEveGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCRYC Tuesday Night Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 14...17WedEveGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCWednesday Night Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 15...18ThuEveMBSA-S0.0154Savin Hill YCThunderbird Twilight Series OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 1619FriEveMBSA5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Leukemia Cup Pursuit Race #1YPUR resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1720SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCPilot Regatta HCP Ovr, WEresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1821SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCHospice Regatta -- Care Dimensions HCP MSS, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 21...22WedEveMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay PHRFSummer Series - HBPHRFYHCP BregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 21...23WedEveMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCWednesday Evening Summer SeriesYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 24...24Sat,...DayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCCommodores Cup Fleet Races HCP BB, Ovr, CCFregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 2425SatDayGMORA-W5,236.373Harraseeket YCHYC Regatta PUR Ovr, WEresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2426SatDayGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCSolstice Race HCP Ovr, PBresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2427SatDayMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay PHRFSolstice Regatta - HBPHRF YHCP H, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2528SunDayMBSA-N5,248.629Manchester YCMYC Patton Bowl HCP CSS, MSS, NSOresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 25...29SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCCommodores Cup Pursuit Races PUR BB, OvrregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 25...30Sun,SatDayGMORA-P5,192.679Camden YCCYC Summer PHRF Series HCP Ovr, PBregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 2831WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCRumble I HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 30...32FriEveMBSA0.0154Savin Hill YCSavin Hill PHRF Twilight Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 233SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCRound Southport Race PUR BB, OvrresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 434TueDayGMORA5,239.671Portland YCSchooner Trophy Race HCP pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Jul 435TueDayMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Annual RegattaYHCP CSS, MSS, SGS, QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 5,...36WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCSummer Evening SeriesYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 5,...37WedEveMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor PHRFCPYC Boston PHRF Wed Races Summer SeriesYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 738FriEveMBSA5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Leukemia Cup Pursuit Race #2YPUR pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Jul 839SatDayMBSA-N5,248.629Manchester YCS.S. Crocker Memorial Race PUR PresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 840SatDayGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCBluewater Regatta HCP Ovr, WEresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 941SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCPacific Cup Deepwater Series Race 2YHCP pacresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 942SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCJr. Program Foundation Cup Regatta HCP BB, OvrresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 15,1643Sat,SunDayGMORA-W5,239.7144Handy BoatPHRF New England Championships HCP BB, Ovr, PB, WEresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 1544SatDayMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor PHRFConstitution Cup HCP QresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 15,1645Sat,SunDayGMORA-P5,194.1159Front Street ShipyardPenobscot PHRF HCP Ovr, PBresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 15,1646Sat,SunDayMBSA5,255.851Squantum YCLipton Cup Regatta OD pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Jul 1647SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCMidsummer Ocean RaceYHCP CLS, MSS, NSOresultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 1848TueDayMBSA-N0.0116Winchester Boat ClubWinchester Boat Club N10 Juniors Jr pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Jul 1949WedEveMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay PHRFRumble II - HB PHRF HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 21...50FriDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCClassic Yacht Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2151FriOvrNtMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCBeringer Bowl  HCP CLS, MSS, NSO, QregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 22,2352Sat,SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCKing of Spain OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2253SatDayGMORA-B5,213.575Southport YCSeguin Island Trophy Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 22,2354Sat,SunDayGMORA-P5,192.679Camden YCCamden Invitational Regatta HCP Ovr, PBregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2255SatDayMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay PHRFScorpion Bowl - HBPHRF YHCP H, QregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2356SunDayMBSA-N5,251.244Marblehead YCClemson Chase Race PUR PregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 24...57Mon,...DayMBSA-N5,250.681Pleon YCMarblehead Junior Race Week Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 27,2858Thu,FriDayMBSA-S5,250.21Hull YCJunior Scorpion Bowl Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 28,2959Fri,SatDayGMORA-P5,192.780Lyman-Morse & Camden YCCamden Classics Cup HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2960SatDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCRound the Salvages Pursuit Rac PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2961SatDayMBSA-S5,241.432Scituate SailingScituate Invitational- All Invited HCP QregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 29,3062Sat,SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YC43rd Annual BHYC Regatta HCP BB, OvrregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 3063SunDayMBSA-S0.0154Savin Hill YCHosea White PHRF Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 1,264Tue,WedDayGMORA5,239.671Portland YCMaine State Opti Championships Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 2,365Wed,ThuDayMBSA-N5,255.811Cottage Park YC2017 N-10 Open Championship Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 566SatDayMBSA-N5,253.28Jubilee YCPhil Small Regatta HCP CSS, MSS, NSOregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 5,667Sat,SunDayMBSA-S5,255.811Cottage Park YCCPYC Youth Regatta to Benefit Make A Wish  Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 5,668Sat,SunDayMBSA-N5,255.811Cottage Park YCCPYC RegattaTo Benefit Make-A-Wish OD OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 569SatDayMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor PHRF23nd Annual Pursuit Race to Benefit Make-A-Wish PUR PregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 670SunDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCGloucester Ocean Pursuit Race PUR PregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 671SunDayGMORA-P0.0275Stockton Harbor SCTurtlehead Trot HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 672SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCPacific Cup Deepwater Series Race 3YPUR pacregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 9,...73WedEveMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay PHRFFlashlight Series - HBPHRFYHCP BregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 9,...74WedEveMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCWednesday Evening Fall SeriesYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 9,1075Wed,ThuDayGMORA5,236.373Harraseeket YCYouth Regatta Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 10,1176Thu,FriDayGMORA-E5,172.6100Kollegewidgwok YCDEJSA Opti Championship Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 1177FriEveMBSA5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Leukemia Cup Pursuit Race #3YPUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 1278SatOvrNtGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCMonhegan Island Races HCP Ovr, WEregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 1279SatDayMBSA5,254.6157Boston Youth Sailing FoundationFlip Flop Regatta- Pursuit Race PUR PregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 16...80WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCFall Evening SeriesYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 18...81Fri,...DayMBSA-N5,252.7142Rhodes 19 Fleet 5Rhodes 19 National Championship OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 1982SatDayMBSA-S5,249.526Hingham YCHingham YC Hitchcock TrophyYHCP H, QregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 1983SatDayMBSA-S5,250.21Hull YCFinlay Cup Jr futureInfo
➕ Aug 1984SatDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCSummer One-Design OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 1985SatDayGMORA-W5,239.777Natl. MS SocietyMS Harborfest Regatta HCP Ovr, WEregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 2086SunDayMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor PHRFCPYC JFK Regatta HCP QregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 22...87Tue,...DayGMORA-P5,172.6100Kollegewidgwok YCAtlantic Nationals OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 23...88WedEveMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor PHRFCPYC Boston PHRF Wed Night Races Late Summer SeriesYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 25...89Fri,...DayMBSA-N5,259.64Mass Bay SailingStorm Trysail Club Ted Hood Regatta HCP QfutureInfo
➕ Aug 26,2790Sat,SunDayGMORA-W0.085Etchells Fleet 27Fleet 27: Lobster Bowl Regatta OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 2,391Sat,SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCEtchells New England Championship OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 292SatDayGMORA-P5,192.679Camden YCCamden Yacht Club Solo Challange HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 293SatDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCSchooner Festival PHRF Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 494MonDayMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCSail Salem Pursuit Race PUR PregopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 6,...95WedEveGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCWednesday Fall Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 996SatDayMBSA-S5,250.21Hull YCHYC Great Chase Race PUR PregopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 997SatDayMBSA-N5,253.28Jubilee YCJubilee Annual Regatta HCP CLS, MSS, SGS, QregopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 998SatDayGMORA-P5,193.9143Northport Yacht ClubAROUND ISLESBORO RACE HCP Ovr, PBregopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 16,1799Sat,SunDayMBSA-S0.0154Savin Hill YCThunderbird Spirit Series OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 16100SatDayGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCMaine Rocks Race HCP Ovr, PBfutureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Sep 16101SatDayMBSA-N5,259.216Boston Harbor NowBoston Harbor Islands Regatta PUR PregopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 17102SunDayMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCJames R Hodder RegattaYHCP CLS, MSS, NSOregopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 17103SunDayPSA5,255.936Piscataqua Sailing AssociationGosport Regatta PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 23104SatDayMBSA-S5,248.52Hing Bay PHRFChowder Cup - HBPHRF YHCP H, QregopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 24105SunDayMBSA-N5,248.629Manchester YCMYC Fall Series HCP CLS, MSS, SGS, QregopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 30106SatDayMBSA-S0.0154Savin Hill YCBoston Light Race PUR PregopenInfoRegister
➕ Oct 1107SunDayMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCMarblehead Chowder Cup HCP MSS, SGS, QregopenInfoRegister
➕ Oct 7108SatDayMBSA5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Pot Luck Pursuit Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
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