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*** Dates in bold are multi-day series, click on the date to see full list of event dates. Click "+" to expand event info on mobile device. Dates highlighted in yellow are upcoming events.
 DaterowDateDayWhenRegionDistOrganizerEvent NamePass
➕ Jan 15,161Sat,SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCWinter OD J/70 Regatta OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Jan 162SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCWinter OD M242 OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Feb 19,203Sat,SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCSCYA MidWinters OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Feb 234WedEveMBSA5,259.59Constit. YCStories from Graves Light Soc pastInfoRSVP Closed
➕ Feb 26,275Sat,SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCHarken #1 Optimist Spring Regatta Jr resultsInfoResults
➕ Mar 196SatDaySCYA7,825.6208King Harbor YCSpinnaker Series Race #1 - The Stoney Special*YHCP SSresultsInfoResults
➕ Mar 25,267Fri,SatDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCILCA-NA Midwinters West OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Mar 26...8Sat,...DayGYA6,224.9484Southern YCHC Spring Race Days HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Mar 309WedEveMBSA5,259.59Constit. YCBill & Renée Jacobson present The Saga of Verbena Soc pastInfoRSVP Closed
➕ Apr 1010SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCHarris Spring Regatta HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Apr 13...11WedDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCSunset Series  HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Apr 14...12ThuDaySCYA7,825.6208King Harbor YCTwilights First Half HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Apr 2213FriOvrNtALL0.0327Offshore RANewport to Ensenada International Yacht Race HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Apr 27...14WedEveCBYRA-NOTB5,496.9602Rock Creek RacingWNR Series 1 HCP resultsInfoRegister
➕ Apr 3015SatDaySCYA7,825.6208King Harbor YCSpinnaker Series Race #2 - TransHarbor Race*YHCP SSresultsInfoResults
➕ May 416WedOvrNtGYA6,224.9484Southern YCRegata al Sol ORR-Ez Division HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ May 1117WedEveMBSA5,251.42Hingham Bay RacingHingham Bay Spring Skippers Meeting Soc pastInfoRSVP Closed
➕ May 12...18ThuDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCStarlight OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ May 1519SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCPacific Cup Deepwater Series Race 1YPUR pcresultsInfoResults
➕ May 18...20WedEveMBSA-S5,241.432Scituate SailingSpring Series HCP resultsInfoRegister
➕ May 1821WedEveMBSA5,259.59Constit. YCConstitution YC Skippers Meeting Soc pastInfoRSVP Closed
➕ May 18...22WedEveMBSA-S5,251.42Hingham Bay RacingWednesday Night Racing - Spring SeriesYHCP CUPresultsInfoResults
➕ May 19...23Thu,...EveGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCThursday Night Races HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ May 1924ThuEveMBSA-S5,250.318Rhodes 19 Fleet 46May Series Race 1YOD resultsInfoRegister
➕ May 21,2225Sat,SunDayGYA6,224.9484Southern YCMandeville Races Trial resultsInfoResults
➕ May 2126SatDayCBYRA-Annap0.0452Sailing Club ChesapeakeSCC EWE Spirit Cup in support of EWE Spirit Foundation (Harbor 20 River)  OD resultsInfoResults
➕ May 2127SatDayCBYRA-Annap0.0452Sailing Club ChesapeakeSCC Spring Regatta in support of EWE Spirit Foundation (Pursuit) PUR resultsInfoResults
➕ May 25...28WedEveMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor Handicap RacingBHHR/CPYC Wed Night Racing Series IYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ May 25...29Wed,...EveGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCCYC Wednesday Summer Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ May 2630ThuEveMBSA-S5,250.318Rhodes 19 Fleet 46May Series Race 2YOD pastInfoRegister
➕ Jun 1,...31WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCSpring Evening SeriesYHCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 232ThuEveMBSA-S5,250.318Rhodes 19 Fleet 46Spring Series Club Race 1YOD resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 4,533Sat,SunDayGMORA-W0.0737NE Sailing Assoc.U.S. Women’s Match Race Qualifier OD pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Jun 434SatDayMBSA-N5,253.230Palmers Cove YCMass Bay Shorthanded Regatta HCP pastInfoResults
➕ Jun 4,535Sat,SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCCal Race Week HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 436SatDayMBSA-S5,251.42Hingham Bay RacingCircle The Lights - 22nmYHCP BKTresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 837WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCGreater Boston Rumble I HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 938ThuEveMBSA-S5,250.318Rhodes 19 Fleet 46Combined Race 1 /Spring Series Club Race 2YOD pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Jun 10...39Fri,...DayMBSA5,248.629Manchester YCRhodes 19 East Coast Championship OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 11...40Sat,...DayGMORA-P5,192.679Camden YCCYC Summer Series HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1141SatDayGYA6,224.9484Southern YCRace to the Coast Trial resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1142SatEveCBYRA-Annap0.0452Sailing Club ChesapeakeTed Osius Memorial Twilight Regatta HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1143SatDayGMORA5,236.373Harraseeket YCHarraseeket Laser Clinic OD pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Jun 1144SatDayGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCCenterboard Regatta  HCP CBCresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1145SatDayMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCConstitution YC Spring Regatta HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 14...46TueEveGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCRYC Tuesday Night Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 16...47ThuEveMBSA-S0.0154Savin Hill YCThunderbird Twilight Series OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 1748FriOvrNtNBYA0.0591Bermuda Race Organizing CommitteeNewport Bermuda Race HCP pastInfoResults
➕ Jun 1749FriOvrNtGYA6,224.9484Southern YCGulfport to Pensacola Race HCP pastInfoResults
➕ Jun 1750FriEveMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Summer Pursuit Race #1 PUR resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1851SatDayGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCRockland Yacht Club Solstice Race HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1852SatDayMBSA-S5,251.42Hingham Bay RacingSolstice RegattaYHCP BKTresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1853SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCThe Pilot Regatta HCP CBCresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 1854SatDaySCYA7,825.6208King Harbor YCSpinnaker Series Race #3 - The Malibu & Return Race*YHCP SSresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 22...55WedEveMBSA-S5,241.432Scituate SailingEarly Summer Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 24...56FriEveMBSA-S0.0154Savin Hill YCDivision 2 Handicap Twilight Series  HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 24...57Fri,...DayGYA0.0742GYA Challenge CupGYA Offshore Challenge Cup HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2458FriOvrNtMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCLambert Overnight Ocean Race HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 24...59FriEveMBSA-S0.0154Savin Hill YCSavin Hill Handicap Twilight Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 2560SatDayGMORA-W5,236.373Harraseeket YCHYC Regatta PUR CBCresultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2561SatDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCCommodore's Cup #1 HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 2562SatDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCCape Ann Challenge HCP pastInfoResults
➕ Jun 2663SunDayMBSA-N5,248.629Manchester YCMYC Patton Bowl HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jun 29...64WedEveMBSA-S5,251.42Hingham Bay RacingWednesday Night Racing - Summer SeriesYHCP CUPregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2,...65Sat,...DayGMORA-P5,193.9143Northport Yacht ClubJOHN SHORT RACE PHRF HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 266SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCSchooner Trophy Race HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 267SatDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YC Classic Boat Race #1 PUR resultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 468MonDayMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Annual Regatta - 152nd Anniversary HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Jul 7,...69ThuDaySCYA7,825.6208King Harbor YCTwilights Second Half HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 870FriEveMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Summer Pursuit Race #2 PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 971SatDayGMORA5,215.475Southport YCHendricks Head Open Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 9,1072Sat,SunDayGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCQuahog Quest  HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 973SatDayMBSA-S5,241.432Scituate SailingScituate Invitational - Pursuit Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 974SatDayMBSA-N5,248.629Manchester YC55th Annual S.S. Crocker Memorial Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 9,1075Sat,SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCKing of Spain OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 1076SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YC Annual Round Southport Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 1077SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCPacific Cup Deepwater Series Race 2YPUR pcregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 13...78WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCSummer Evening SeriesYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 13,1479Wed,ThuDayGMORA5,236.373Harraseeket YCHYC Junior Regatta Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 14,1580Thu,FriDayMBSA-S5,249.526Hingham YCHingham Bay Junior Regatta Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 1681SatDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCGloucester Ocean Pursuit Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 1682SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCThe Casco Bay Fiasco HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 1683SatDayMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor Handicap RacingConstitution Cup HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 16,1784Sat,SunDayGMORA5,172.6100Kollegewidgwok YCTrue Blue Spencer Evans Laser Regatta OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 1785SunDayMBSA-S0.0154Savin Hill YCHosea White Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 1786SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian MarbleheadMidsummer Ocean Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2087WedEveMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor Handicap RacingGreater Boston Rumble II HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2288FriOvrNtMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCBeringer Bowl HCP regopenInfo
➕ Jul 2289FriDayMBSA-N5,251.16Boston YCBeringer Bowl OCS (Day Time) HCP regopenInfo
➕ Jul 2390SatDaySCYA7,825.6208King Harbor YCSpinnaker Series Race #4 - KHYC to CBYCYHCP SSregopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 23,2491Sat,SunDayMBSA-S5,255.851Squantum YCLipton Cup Regatta Juniors Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 23,2492Sat,SunDayMBSA-S5,255.851Squantum YCLipton Cup Regatta Seniors OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 23,2493Sat,SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCBHYC Regatta & Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 25,2694Mon,TueDayMBSA-S5,250.21Hull YCJunior Scorpion Bowl Regatta Jr regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 27...95WedEveMBSA-S5,241.432Scituate SailingLate Summer Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 27...96WedEveMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor Handicap RacingBHHR/CPYC Wed Night Racing Series IIYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2997FriOvrNtMBSA-N5,251.244Marblehead YCDowneast Challenge HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 29,3098Fri,SatDayGMORA-P5,192.780Lyman-Morse & CYCCamden Classics Cup HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 3099SatDayMBSA5,255.912Boston Harbor Handicap Racing28th CPYC Pursuit Race to Benefit Make-A-Wish PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 30100SatDayMBSA-N5,253.28Jubilee YCPhil Small Regatta HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 5,6101Fri,SatOvrNtGMORA5,239.671Portland YCMonhegan Island Race & Seguin Sprint HCP regopenInfo
➕ Aug 5102FriDayGMORA-P5,192.679Camden YCCYC Classic Yacht Feeder Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 6103SatDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCCommodore's Cup #2 HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 6104SatDayMBSA-S5,259.141Courageous SCFlip Flop Regatta PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 6,7105Sat,SunDayMBSA-S5,255.811Cottage Park YCCPYC RegattaTo Benefit Make-A-Wish One Design/ Snipe New England's OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 6,7106Sat,SunDaySCYA7,825.7253Womens Sailing Association (SMB)WOW/WAH HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 7107SunDayGMORA-P0.0275Stockton Harbor SCTurtlehead Trot  HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 10...108WedEveMBSA-S5,251.42Hingham Bay RacingWednesday Night Racing - Fall SeriesYHCP CUPregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 12109FriEveMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Summer Pursuit Race #3 PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 13110SatDayMBSA-S5,249.526Hingham YCHingham YC Hitchcock TrophyYHCP BKTregopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 13111SatDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YCClassic Boat Race #2 PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 13112SatDayGMORA5,215.475Southport YCMark Island Trophy Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 13,14113Sat,SunDayGMORA0.0146SailMaineSailMaine Festival and Regatta HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 13114SatDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCSummer Regatta HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 13115SatDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCRound the Salvages Pursuit Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 14116SunDayMBSA-S5,255.912Boston Harbor Handicap Racing 37th Annual JFK Regatta - A Navigator Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 17117WedEveMBSA-S5,251.42Hingham Bay RacingGreater Boston Rumble IIIYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 20118SatDayGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCRockland Yacht Club Scholarship Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 20119SatDayGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCBluewater Regatta HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 24...120WedEveMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCFall Evening SeriesYHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 27,28121Sat,SunDayMBSA-S5,250.21Hull YCSA/D Regatta HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 27,28122Sat,SunDayMBSA-S0.0154Savin Hill YCThunderbird Spirit Series OD regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 28123SunDayMBSA-N5,251.244Marblehead YCClemson Chase Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 28...124SunDayMBSA-S5,241.432Scituate SailingFall Sunday Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 28125SunDayGMORA-P5,192.679Camden YCCamden Yacht Club Solo Challange PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 3126SatDayMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCRed and White Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 3127SatDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCBobby Veltman Memorial Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 7,...128WedEveGMORA-W5,240.072Centerboard YCCYC Wednesday Fall Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 10129SatDayMBSA-N5,253.28Jubilee YCJubilee Annual Regatta HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 10130SatDayMBSA-S5,251.42Hingham Bay RacingChowder CupYHCP BKTregopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 11131SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCPacific Cup Deepwater Series Race 3YPUR pcregopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 17132SatOvrNtGMORA5,192.974Rockland YCMaine Rocks HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 17133SatDaySCYA7,825.6208King Harbor YCSpinnaker Series Race #5 - The Matt Walsh Race*YHCP SSfutureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Sep 17134SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCThe Lightship Race - Fall Series Race #1YHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 17135SatDayMBSA-S5,250.21Hull YCHYC Great Chase Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 18136SunDayMBSA-N5,248.629Manchester YCManchester Fall Series HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Sep 18...137Sun,...DayGYA6,224.9484Southern YCHC Fall Race Days HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 24...138SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCFall Series Race #2,3&4YHCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 25139SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian MarbleheadMarblehead Chowder Cup HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Oct 1140SatDayMBSA0.0154Savin Hill YCBoston Light Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Oct 1141SatDayMBSA-N5,250.67Eastern YCEYC Pot Luck Pursuit Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Oct 2142SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian MarbleheadBandit Race - Short Handed HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Oct 2143SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCShadden #2 Jr regopenInfoRegister